Korea University Department of Brain&Cognitive Engineering

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Objectives & Vision

The Dept. of Brain and Cognitive
Engineering aims at establishing

chemically convergent academic education

education system to meet global standard

Major in BCE

Graduate course
  • Major in BCE
  • Scholarship to freshmen
  • Enhancement of experimental and practical education
  • Substantiality of core course
  • All lectures in English
  • In-depth lab practices
Chemically convergent academic education
  • Interdisciplinary core/elective courses
  • Regular seminars across research groups
  • Exchange education between foreign organization
  • Graduate students with various majors

Establishment of educational system equivalent to the global standard

Linking between basic and applied education
  • Interdisciplinary curricula in undergraduate
  • Expanding to curricula interdisciplinary in graduate
  • Joint lecturing
  • Expanding to academic/research/industries
  • Coaching of new converging technologies
Contracting through MOU
  • Contracting MOU between 5 WCU foreign institutes with in/out-bound scholarly exchanges
  • Promoting joint degree programs between foreign renowned universities
  • Hosting BCE international symposium
Cooperating with international education
  • Encouraging exchange of technologies and manpower between local/foreign related organization
  • Expansion of multimedia driven lectures through KU EKU system
  • Implementing Lectures in English to foster global manpower
  • Exchanging students and researchers between 5 MOU contracted organizations